Unique Pages

Meet the team

The meet the team page will contain a grid of the team members.

On clicking a team member an expanded section will appear with a biography and optional contact details/social media links plus a button linking to the job s portal.

Editable Elements

The CMS user should be able to edit the following on the Meet The Team/Global Major Projects Team pages.

  • Ability to add a team member to the grid
    • Add the team members name (required)
    • Add a head shot image (required)
    • Add a waist shot image (required)
    • Add the team members job title (required)
    • Add the team members biography (required)
    • Add the team members email address (optional)
    • Add the team members social media links (optional - if links are added then the corresponding social media icon should be displayed)

GMP Team

Once a team member has been clicked on his/her biography should show in the expanded section (illustrated below):

GMP Team Biography