Styling and Design

The look and feel for the new developed from a phase of in-depth visual research and the creation of 4 unique design concepts in line with the Otis brand. The colour palette has been stripped back, moving away from heavy use of blues and green, in favour of maximising white space to give the site a fresher and more contemporary feel. Lightweights of Helvetica Neue are the typefaces of choice, not only to set off the minimal look and feel but also for its legibility.

Otis products are present in some of the world's most famous landmarks and the aim was to leverage this as much as possible in the choice of imagery. An imagery style workshop was held with to explore themes and out of this we created a mission statement to guide all image selections:

"Our imagery should also tell a story, be positive, helpful and intelligent."

Otis is an innovator that has played a part in some of the world's most impressive architectural feats. This use of architectural design language, line illustrations and infographics creates this sense. By manually tracing Otis equipment into line illustrations we’ve been able to show the design detail and workings of the key products. A measured amount of animation has been employed to bring these to bring these to life and create a more engaging experience for the visitors.

As well as the visual considerations, accessibility concerns played an important part in shaping the design aesthetic. At all times there were checks done to ensure contrast and legibility standards were maintained.

The overall result being that looks like the website of a world leading brand that looks just as sharp on large screens as it does on mobile and tablet.