To support the redesign and development of, this document will outline the functional requirements and specifications.

Its purpose is to detail what we will be including within the scope of the project, what each section of the site will include and how we envisage it working.

We have broken the project and the specifications down into a number of key sections:

  • Personas – this will outline our audience both internal and external
  • Information Architecture – outlining the structure of the website in terms of sections and pages
  • Regionalisation and URL structure
  • Site-wide functionality
    • Header
    • Navigation/sub-navigation
    • Search
    • Footer
  • Home page
  • About Otis
  • News and Media
  • Products and Services
  • Maintenance
  • Modernization
  • Showcase
  • Careers
  • Help and Contact
  • Non-functional

This is a working document and as such is subject to amendment and change.