Otis Homepage

Homepage (expanded section)

Below is how the homepage should look once the arrow in one of the top boxes has been clicked.

An overlay should darken the rest of the page, the active top box and should remain at its normal level of brightness.

An expanded section should slide down to reveal further content.

You can also see the homepage in action on this link, click one of the arrows in the top boxes to see the illustrated funcationality.

Editable elements

The CMS user should be able to edit the following on the homepage.

  • The title and subtitle on any of the homepage boxes
  • The background image of any of the homepage boxes
  • The background video of any the bottom left homepage box
  • The images in the expanded sections of the boxes
  • The Title, subtitle and text in the expanded section of the boxes
  • Whether a button is required for each of the elements in the expanded section
  • What the button text should be (if one is added)
  • What the button link should be (if one is added)

Homepage Expanded Section