Browsers and Devices

We ensure the website is universally accessible by building it to work on a wide variety of browsers and devices that our clients and their customers use.

The website will be tested using a wide range of devices from our in-house device lab. We will also undertake rigorous testing across the major browsers before giving the website internal sign off.

We ensure our device lab is up to date and continually reviewed to make sure websites we develop work across all major browsers and devices.

Not all browsers will render web pages in the same way. There are often visible differences in the ways that different browsers handle technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

The websites we produce will not necessarily look perfect in every browser but visitors will be able to access and use all the information and features they need, regardless of which browser they use.

Verified browsers

We will test the websites in the following browsers:

The lists are based on usage statistics for GOV.UK and represent approximately 95% of the most popular browsers.

Each browser is assigned a ‘level of support’ that your service should meet. ‘Compliant’ means your service must look as good as it does in other modern browsers.

If a browser is assigned a ‘functional’ level of support, it means your service might not look perfect but must still be usable.

In both cases, visitors must be able to access the information they need or be able to complete their task without layout issues causing any problems (eg vital information or form fields becoming less visible).

'Latest version' refers to the latest stable version and the version immediately before that.


Operating system Browser Support
Windows Internet Explorer 9+ compliant
Edge (latest version) compliant
Google Chrome (latest version) compliant
Mozilla Firefox (latest version) compliant
Mac OS X Safari 7 functional
Safari 8+ compliant
Google Chrome (latest version) compliant
Mozilla Firefox (latest version) compliant

Small screen devices

Operating system Version Browser Support
iOS 7+ Mobile Safari compliant
Google Chrome (latest version) compliant
Android 4.x Google Chrome compliant
Android Browser compliant
Windows Phone 8.1 Internet Explorer compliant